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Life and Health Coaching

Scott Moon Mitchell

“It is the nature of thought to find its way into action.”

Christian Nevell Bovee



Do you have a particular issue that you need a good sounding board for — someone that could provide a different perspective on things?

You may simply need a trained active listener to ask thought-stimulating questions around the issues you face. Your decisions in life can lack important feedback, limiting your ability to be informed, prepared, and enlightened in facing processes, issues and challenges in your life. You may be seeking me out as a humbly grounded sounding board to affirm what you already know. This may be all the assurance you lacked previously in moving strongly and confidently forward with your personal and professional dreams and decision making respectively.



How willing are you to “clean house” internally?


Often, the most important way to effectively deal with issues is to sign up for personal groundwork. Personal groundwork is cleaning house internally, asking ourselves what we are really about and where we need to make changes to improve and grow. I fully support those who show a dedicated and sincere willingness to change and improve. If you are interested in building self, this coaching program may be the right fit for you.



Health and Wellness Testimonial


Darren Flach, Writer and World Bike Traveller

Darren in Iran

A picture of Darren on his bike journey from London, UK to Shanghai, China. Picture was taken in the plains of Tehran as Darren logged just over 5,000 kms and approximately 6 months on the road.


“Learning is not restricted to facts and methods. We possess learning attitudes – attitudes of curiosity, courage, trust, self-respect, tough-mindedness, optimism, and an ability to keep a sense of perspective.”

Peter B. Vaill




What are the cornerstones of your drive to become fit? What compels you to perform at a higher level?

Have you wished for health and fitness but fallen short for some reason? Maybe you throw excuses in the way. Maybe your personal life and career are out of balance and you’ve let seemingly more important things take priority. Being fit may be outside your reach because stress, fatigue and procrastination paralyze you.



Take courage and stop making excuses while you break old patterns. It is time to invoke your will and take action!
I can help you recognize “rut” stories and make subtle, sustainable adjustments which will move you towards fitness and wellness. Coaching will give you the space and opportunity to discuss what is holding you back, in order for you to move forward. I will clarify your intentions, ask the right questions and encourage you to push through the discomfort that comes with change.


Perhaps you already have a successful health and wellness program. I can help you fine-tune it to achieve the next level.



Fitness Performance Testimonial


Alma Body Builder

“Two Kamloops women took the stage at the International Drug-Free Athletics (IDFA) B.C. Classic at the Gateway Theatre in Richmond in June, 2013. Alma, placed fourth and Rina, placed fifth out of 14 competitors in the Tall Fitness Model category, featuring women 5-foot-4 and taller.”
Kamloops This Week Newspaper
(Photograph: Kathleen Ferguson Photography)



“I utilized Scott’s coaching services in preparation for my fitness model competition. His insights and coaching helped me focus in on the ‘eye of the needle’ in the final days leading up to the show, while still allowing me to keep a mindful and practical perspective on the bigger picture. His calm and caring approach make it easy to open up and discover new goals and aspirations. His coaching sessions will leave you feeling refreshed, inspired, and confident.”




“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.”

 Oliver Wendell Holmes