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Executive Coaching


“To learn is to change how you think.”

Michael Merzenich, Ph.D., leading pioneer in brain plasticity research (1992)




How many hours did you work this week?

One of the most common concerns I hear from business leaders and entrepreneurs is how hard they work. I often have conversations about how busy everyone is and how most of us feel overwhelmed, overtired and overworked. What can we do about this epidemic of busy-ness? I can help you build your own capacity, determine how better to delegate if you have staff, how to develop competent staff and how to find pace and peace in your everyday, workaday life.



What does your succession plan look like?

Research shows the growth rates of human population in North America are slowing and will continue to slow until 2050. Therefore, you will likely have challenges recruiting the trained leaders you need. Instead, you will have to develop them within your organization. Coaching to support learning has proven to be a source of accountability and a reinforcement tool that creates sustainability and ensures a real return on invested training dollars. I can help you plan and carry out a succession plan which you will tailor for your specific organization.



How do you reward your best and brightest?

It costs your company time and money when an employee leaves, especially a good employee who was productive and highly valued. Chances are, if you valued that employee, other companies will also value them. Offering coaching to your best and brightest is a perk that will help keep that employee challenged, engaged and ultimately employed by your company. Give me a call for your free consultation. I believe that once you’ve experienced a coaching conversation, you will know how much your top talent would enjoy and benefit from coaching.



What are the studies revealing around the benefits of executive coaching?

According to the 2009 ICF Global Coaching Client Study, “Companies that use or have used professional coaching for business reasons have seen a median Return-On-Investment (ROI) of seven times their initial investment. Individual clients reported a median ROI of 3.44 times their investment.”




“Coaching is a powerful vehicle for optimizing performance, personal power, and results. Because coaching has proven to be so effective, many major corporations invest in internal coaching and mentoring programs, usually for executives, leaders, and managers. The practices of independent coaches also are flourishing, empowering clients both professionally and personally. In either arena, questions are the engine that drives coaching, from building relationships, to gathering information, setting goals, making interventions, and creating action plans.”

Expert Question Asking: The Engine of Successful Coaching; The Manchester Review, A Journal for People and Organizations in Transition (2011); Merilee C. Goldberg, Ph.D.




“If you want to build a ship, don’t drum up people together to collect wood and don’t assign them tasks and work, but rather teach them to long for the endless immensity of the sea.”

Antoine de Saint-Exupery




Executive Testimonials

“Your presence is an encouraging catalyst of positive action.”

Carollyne Conlinn, MBA, MPH, MCC, Partner, Essential Impact, RRU Faculty, Canadian Coach of the Year, February 28th, 2012




“You were able to connect and develop a strong rapport and trust with your client and he walked away with value! Your intuition around the ‘pain’ was dead on which is a strength. Your belief in this client’s ability was sincere and deep enough to give him the energy he needed to move forward. You asked good quality open questions.”

Lesley-Ann Marriott, Executive Coach Auditor