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You might be curious, what is my vision? And how does it reflect my central intention of supporting you?


Professional Insights

Moon is my middle name and thus I gravitated towards a logo of the moon. A basic moon evolved to a moon-burst with a flash emerging past its border. As a coach, I reflect light or “insights” from my knowledge, skills and experiences to my clients. The moon-burst represents a new neuron pathway firing which inspires insights in the brain. Since new insights are the initial seed of transformation and change, I decided to name my company Professional Insights.


The shadow under the logo symbolizes how confusing, dark and remote our thinking and feelings can be around our lives, careers and organizations. Our training targets “shining the light in this darkness” without judgment in order that there might be the possibility for clarity and change, indeed transformation.


In choosing a moon logo, I also honour my deceased mother Virginia Carolyn Moon, humanitarian, spiritual guide and counselor; although she was only with me a short while, she was very influential in my life. Coaching is my way of embracing the peaceful warrior archetype reflected in my mother.