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Coaching Process & Benefits


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My guarantee to you is that I will offer you a free one hour consultation, answering any questions or concerns you may have, while building a foundation to base the coaching relationship on.





Links between positive thinking, leadership and success are?

Research proves principles of AI, EI, open collaboration and positive psychology inspire organizations and their staff to grow and prosper. (Check out links):

In addition, research is showing that it is better to focus on what is working, rather than constantly harping on what isn’t.
My focus on this area of expertise is one of the factors that sets me apart. I believe that once a company shifts their leadership culture from fear-based “judgment cultures” to compassion-based “coaching cultures”, the passion for learning is fostered, and employee engagement and retention improves.


How do I trust that you will keep everything confidential?

When a client brings an issue to my awareness, I treat it with care and complete confidentiality. Simply stated this means I will not be sharing what we discuss with anyone. It is okay if you want to share outside our sessions. I will not. As a professional coach and member of the International Coach Federation, I abide by the following requirements around ethics and confidentiality for your review.


Code of Ethics and Confidentiality



How will you give me exactly what I am looking for?

As a professional coach, I work with a wide range of clients and offer a highly personalized approach uniquely tailored to each individual. You will tell me what you’re looking for and together we will achieve it. In a supportive atmosphere, I will help you attain the professional and personal growth you’re striving to achieve.


How is coaching conducted? How long are sessions and contracts? How much will it cost?

I offer sessions in-person, through Skype and on the phone. I will start with an initial assessment to clearly define your short and long term goals.


You will decide what will be discussed at every session. Typically a session is one hour in length and happens every one to two weeks. Contracts range in length depending on the nature of your goals. Growing a singular skill set can take as little as three months, while visioning and creating long-term organizational success can take one year or more. I tailor the program to your needs. Our work together can be as brief or as long as you need it to be.
Costs are on a sliding scale and I accommodate every financial situation. Median rates start at $150 per hour. However, I offer competitive rates for not-for-profit organizations and I develop payment plans if you are facing financial hardship. I welcome your business and I will work hard to make coaching affordable and accessible to you.


How does coaching differ from therapy or consulting?

Consulting is about giving advice and coaching is not, unless you explicitly ask for it. You have complete control as to whether you reject, accept or negotiate any advice given. Coaching is not counseling, which is looking into the past more than coming up with forward looking goals. Coaching is centrally about setting goals, visioning and clarifying your dreams. I engage, enlighten, and empower you in finding ways to work towards your goals. I also check in regularly to hold you accountable for the action steps you have identified in attaining stated goals.


When is coaching a good idea?

You may need coaching anywhere on the spectrum from the simply sublime to the confusingly detailed. You may have a particular issue that you need a good sounding board for in order to gain a different perspective on things. You may be thinking about a career change. You may be a leader who is unsure about how to expand your operations in a way that ensures profitability. You may not know the source of the problem and need me to enquire more deeply as to the systemic causes. Coaching is a good idea when you wish to make more informed and wise decisions around complex dynamics that we all regularly find ourselves embroiled in.




“There are more possible ways to connect the brain’s neurons than there are atoms in the universe.”


John Ratey (2001)