Team coaching success story in generating much needed return on investment for the Kamloops YMCA-YWCA

Royal Roads University Team of Frogs

I delight in launching my blog with a success story of team coaching and how this dynamic can move executive leaders and their CEO to new levels of success.

Our Royal Roads University Team of “Frogs” coached these leaders over an approximate six month period commencing January of 2012. What made the task of coaching so challenging for us was that our team was scattered across Canada, so every week we would get together for our meetings using online technology. One of our biggest concerns was confidentiality amongst the leaders, with what we shared in one on one sessions with each executive leader. We were successful in upholding our Code of Ethics around confidentiality, although it was challenging at times to ensure all comments were non-identifying. We were able to survey, at the conclusion of coaching, all the executives by asking them questions around their organization that highlighted the key issues they were faced with. As coaches, we assisted in the process of moving them forward on some major issues within the Kamloops YMCA-YWCA. The article below highlights what Colin Reid, CEO, said about the success of our team.

I look forward to sharing my thoughts, tips and learnings with the use of my Blog in the days ahead, and encourage your participation and interaction. Welcome to Professional Insights!!

“Our Management Team was very fortunate to have a group of Coaches from the Royal Roads University work with us this past year on both an organizational and individual coaching basis. The experience was most favorable and beneficial to those involved and to our YMCA-YWCA as a whole, providing focus and stick to it approach for many of the topics that we were engaged with.

Strategically one of the points we were working on was a Community Building Approach to our program site amalgamation goal that our YMCA-YWCA had, involving the Big Ideas of working with our Municipal Government, local School Board and Community based not for profit organizations in the re-purposing of a surplus school into a neighborhood community center.

During coaching sessions this topic was on the forefront and the Coach assigned to myself helped me stay on my game to push this Community Building Agenda forward. I am pleased to say that we have been successful in positioning our Y as a partner in this project and we are in the final design phase of bringing this Big Idea to reality.

The coaches from Royal Roads University helped make a difference for us.”

Colin Reid
CEO, Kamloops YMCA – YWCA


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